Blocking/removing all portlets in Plone 5

What is the recommended way to block/remove all default portlet assignments in a Plone 5 site (Navigation on the left and News on the left you be unassigned).

I tried to remove the portlets manually through the Plone UI and export the portlets.xml through portal_setup and use this file in my policy package...but no love.


Exporting an empty portlets.xml file and importing it again doesn't help...

I'd do it like in Plone 4.x. Try something like this in your portlets.xml (note the remove attribute):

  <assignment type="portlets.News"
      key="/" />

I didn't test this myself, but I think it should still work in Plone 5....

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Manually, through the UI ???
The only default portlets can be removed /blocked with
and @@topbar-manage-portlets/plone.rightcolumn

This is the canonical way for many years, that is not something that changed in Plone 5.
If the docs are bad regarding this, I agree. I only learned this from flyers distributed by 6 feet up on conferences :frowning:

@thet 's solution is perfectly working. I tried to blacklist the portlets instead (without success).