Better Calendar Portlet for Plone 5.2?

Hi! We have a calendar in the right-hand portlet space of our Plone 5.2 site, with an Events listing beneath it, both driven by the same source folder.

I've had a number of requests to have different kinds of events represented by different markups on the calendar. Right now, the calendar displays any day with an event (and the events on that day) in the same way -- a coloured dot and some background highlighting.

Examples of requests: Pay days appearing with a $ in the corner, weekend days being "greyed out", certain important fiscal dates being highlighted with a dark box border around the date.

Some of these are events that we wouldn't necessarily want to appear in the event list -- for example, if we created a special recurring event for the weekends, we wouldn't want the event list to list every weekend date in its list of upcoming events.

The latter I can accomplish simply by nesting a folder for "Listable Events" within the "Events" folder, and placing ones we want to show up on the listing there. However, applying different stylings depending on event types doesn't appear to be possible to add without modifying the calendar code.

In doing some searching, I found numerous calendar add-ons (obviously not all portlets) for Plone, that allowed greater flexibility, some of which even supported multiple event types, etc., but all for previous versions.

Is there anything more sophisticated than the built-in calendar portlet for 5.2? (Having it be a portlet would be ideal.)