Best practices on integrating an LDAP server with Plone

Continuing the discussion from Intranets with huge LDAPs:

I was reading this interesting thread about LDAP integration and now I'm more confused than before.

what's the current best practice on integrating an LDAP server with Plone?

what package I must use? pas.plugins.ldap?

what's the status on the performance story?

I'm currently working on a project for a municipality that will require this working but now I have huge doubts.

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In the last three days we worked at pas.plugins.ldap and its underlying infrastructure. The performance features are in, but we are still reviewing code in order to identify other places where we need to paginate the ldap searches. In the base package node.ext.ldap all work is done afaict.

So I would go with pas.plugins.ldap. We used this for years in production with LDAPs up to 8000 users and 400 groups. If there are any issues left performance wise we can fix them, the formerly known problems are fixed or will get fixes (if any left) in the very next time.

Releases will be cut soon as well.

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