Begginer install and upgrade

I'm brand new in this Plone, and spend a day browsing around documentation to get myself into this. I need to copy existing system (Plone 3.3rc5) to a different server and upgrade it to a newer version (OS Windows). If I understand things right, I can install newer version of plone, 4.3 for example, to a new server and than proceed steps as upgrading. Is that right? Also I cant seem to find some clear documentation on how to install Plone 4.something and I can't find binary installer? Can someone please just give me directions on where I can find that installer and some instructions for Windows.

Thus is right for a "vanilla" Plone installation -- one without third party and custom components. If your Plone installation uses third party components, you must find out which of their versions fit with the new Plone version (reading the component's documentation and/or change log may help with this). Custom components may need more or less heavy adaptations for a new Plone version.

I cannot say something for Windows. For "*nix" like systems, there is the so called "Unified Installer".

Upgrading Plone may be a simple or a difficult task dependengin on how much customized was your installation. More information would be nice: is it already in windows, or is it in Linux and you need to migrate to windows? Do you have any idea if your old Plone installation (3.3rc5) has lot's of custom addons or not? Do you want just to migrate the data from default content-types, or do you need to migrate plugins and such?

These are first steps to know how we can help you. Then, you can follow the docs from

Also I cant seem to find some clear documentation on how to install Plone 4.something and I can't find binary installer?

Indeed, this is not explicitly stated on the official website, but only here in the forums. doesn't exist anymore but you can download from and follow the instructions in Cannot find windows installer or another approach as defined in Cannot find windows installer.

@tkimnguyen can we improve the official An example: in frontpage, when you click in "older releases" it goes to launchpad, but in download section that's a button for Plone 4 that stays in Why this difference? Shouldn't this interface be the same?

Thank you all for responding. First sorry for not giving all of the info, current install of plone is on old windows-xp PC and for test I want to migrate it to my windows 7 and if that works again I would migrate it to some company computer also with win7 OS. In versions.cfg I found "# Plone release \n Plone = 3.3". So I installed version 3.3.0 on my PC and when I go to localhost:8080 I see Plone start page. So I found on internet that copying data.fs file is enough, I dont have anything in products folder nor blobstorage nor src folder. So I figured data.fs is enough but still after database change I get error when navigate to localhost:8080. What did I miss?

You must tell us which error you got. If it is something like "could not connect to server", then likely there was a "startup" problem for your Plone. To find out what causes such problems, you start Plone in "foreground" mode (not as a service). In this case, log messages are shown in the console window from which you have started Plone - and usually, those log messages give sufficient hints to understand the startup problem (you may need to post the messages, so that we can help you). Unfortunately, I do not know in detail, how to start Plone in foreground mode under Windows (on "nix like systems, it is bin/{instance|client1} fg).

Before migrating, I would do the following

  1. Make backup
  2. Install Plone (keep Data.fs in place, or if you already have copied it: just move it out of the folder.
  3. Stop and start Plone
  4. Add a new Plone site, check that it works
  5. Try to install all the add-ons that you have on the old site
  6. Check if the new site works.

7) Stop Plone and replace Data.fs (be sure that Plone has read/write permissions to Data.fs).
8) Upgrade Plone site, upgrade add-ons (if needed)

I managed to install Plone and copy old data, Now the site is up and running. I installed Plone 4.0 on same WIndows PC again copyed data to new version. When I open site I got message "your site configuration is outdated and needs to be updated". I klick to update and then I got warning that plone is not updated here is the part of message is:
Ran upgrade step: Update the safe_html transform with the new config params, migrating existing config from Kupu.
Updating getIcon metadata.
Upgrade aborted. Error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "...\plone4\buildout-cache\eggs\plone-4.0-py2.6.egg\Products\CMFPlone\", line 175, in upgrade
File "...)\plone4\buildout-cache\eggs\products.genericsetup-1.6.1-py2.6.egg\Products\GenericSetup\", line 141, in doStep
File "...\plone4\buildout-cache\eggs\\plone\app\upgrade\v40\", line 115, in updateIconMetadata
obj = brain.getObject()
File "...\plone4\buildout-cache\eggs\zope2-2.12.10-py2.6-win32.egg\Products\ZCatalog\", line 83, in getObject
parent = parent.unrestrictedTraverse(path[:-1])
File "...\plone4\buildout-cache\eggs\zope2-2.12.10-py2.6-win32.egg\OFS\", line 278, in unrestrictedTraverse
raise e
AttributeError: knowledge-base-test
End of upgrade path, migration has finished
The upgrade path did NOT reach current version
Migration has failed
Dry run selected, transaction aborted"

This looks like an inconsistent catalog. Apparently, a catalog still has an object knowledge-base-test indexed, but this object has since been deleted.

The ZMI (= "Zope Management Interface") for catalog objects has in its Advanced tab the operation Update Catalog to fix such inconsistencies.

Plone is using several catalog objects. The main one is portal_catalog. You may try to make this catalog consistent again and then retry the "upgrade" again. If the problem persists, you would also apply "Updata Catalog" on the other catalog objects: uid_catalog and reference_catalog.

Likely, you can apply the Update Catalog in your new installation. Should this give you errors, it might be necessary to do in in your old installation (and copy your data.fs again).

Thank You very much kind Sir. I updated portal_catalog object and Plone Upgraded to 4.0, I will now proceed with upgrading Plone to 5.0. Thank You again for quick reply.

One more question. I had to update product_catalog in order to upgrade Plone (ver 3.3.0 on 4.3.1). Now I am comparing old site with new one and I noticed that in homepage on "Aktuelle Änderungen" box, I don't have same content. Is it possible that I lost some of the data when updating on new revision or? I only had to migrate data.fs since there were no blobstorage on ver 3.3. Did I miss something ?

The name "Aktuelle Änderungen" (= "Recent modifications") hints towards a catalog based service. Thus, if the catalog is changed, it is well possible that ithis display changes.

However, your catalog has been inconsistent (with the world of the real objects) in your old installation. Thus, the information presented based on its (partially invalid) state was partially wrong. You may be able to see the malfunction by clicking on one of the links presented in your old site which are missing in your new one. If the objects is missing, this likely results in an error.

In one of your previous messages, the name of a problematic object has been knowledge-base-test. The -test suffix indicates that it was likely not an important object.

As far as I know, the migration does not delete objects. Thus, a migration should not lead to data loss nor to catalog inconsistencies. If you find inconsistencies after the migration, they should already have been there before the migration (but you may have not noticed them).