Become a 2017 Plone sponsor or renew your sponsorship

Hi everyone - now that we're into the new year (and we seem to have weathered the Twitter storm re: the security hoax) I wanted to draw your attention to ...

##The importance of sponsoring Plone

Yes, it's that kind of fun announcement :slight_smile:

We're asking for your donation. Please open your heart and your e-wallet and keep making Plone great!

The Plone Foundation is a US non-profit that, among other things, funds sprints to keep moving Plone forward, pays for the marketing we can afford (PyCon, EuroPython, other Python events around the world), pays for Plone's trademarks and legal protections, pays a nominal stipend to our esteemed release manager and our communications team lead (yours truly), etc.

The only source of income for the Plone Foundation is donations and sponsorships. THIS MEANS YOU!

#Please become a sponsor or renew your Plone sponsorship

#e.g. Support our hardworking security team (among other things)
The Plone Security Team has a heavy burden to ensure, as best as possible, that Plone remains secure. The security team proactively audits code, investigates vulnerability reports, and, as we recently showed, debunks hoaxes. We all look good thanks in large part to the efforts of the security team.

The security team needs funding help. Please show your support for these valiant spirits by opening your e-wallet!

The security team would like to organize a sprint, and for that it needs your donation.

Every organization or company using Plone values its baked in security and the effort that goes into ensuring it, whether it's better processes (including our continuous integration and testing), more time for code audits, or time to develop better tools. Did I mention pizza?

If every organization or company using Plone donated $100 we would be ecstatic!

Please support the Security Team and our other efforts by donating to the Plone Foundation

You can donate directly at or read more about the different kinds of sponsorships at

##Benefits to Sponsors

Briefly, beyond the Foundation's and community's undying gratitude, here are the other things sponsors and donors get when they donate:

#Please become a sponsor or renew your Plone sponsorship

Thank you for your help. I sent what I could.


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Much appreciated!

@tkimnguyen, I applied two times now for a Basic sponsorship at, but never got a response :frowning:

@tmassman sorry! and thanks for letting me know. I see now on that Google is bouncing the emails silently :frowning: Will try to fix. In the meantime, please email me with the info you would have included in the form.

Until we can fix the Google SMTP issue I've added a PFG save data adapter and added some BCC email addresses that should still work. One of our trusty admins is now looking into the SMTP issue...

Several weeks ago we were able to fix the outbound email issues with the site and sponsorship forms; everything is in working order.

We thank:

I'm very pleased to report that several more Plone Foundation sponsors have renewed their financial support for 2017!

Please help the Plone Foundation by adding yourself or your organization to our list of sponsors, at, and so that you show up in our Plone provider listing, at

We also thank

As an acknowledgement of their critical financial support, premium sponsors receive front page placement on both and and are forwarded any consulting service inquiries received through

An update: we thank these renewing sponsors for 2017!

  • Université de Namur (University Sponsor)
  • Starzel (provider)
  • Four Digits (provider)