Basic site structure/layout advice

I'm about to start adding some products to my Plone test site but have a few questions before I continue. I did some reading on Plone docs but I'm not 100% sure I understand it.

Basically, I want to have a single page called "Inventory" where visitors can filter all products by type and tags.

So, for example, if I sold clothing, you'd expect a site to look like this:


Since CLOTHING would be displaying everything I have in inventory, I guessing it would be a collection -- is that correct, or would it be a page or a folder?

Would Mens, Womens, and Childrens be folders?

Getting down to the actual products (Tops, Pants, Socks), would they be pages or folders? I don't see much difference in creating a product folder vs a product page.

Create a custom content type with fields

  1. field (multi choice) mens, women, children
  2. field choice, tops, pants, etc

The rest (I would say) is a matter of what you prefer, you can always make a collection.

You should absolutely look at:

which would give you something like:

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Definite thumbs up to faceted navigation... for smaller sets of items (especially if you like a more visual search) try collective.isotope. is similar and free (yes, I know 25USD is not that much for isotype), but it looks like I am the only one using it :slight_smile:

There is also:

Which is easier to set up (facetednavigation is easy to set up, but you need to style it a bit for plone 5 (CSS) )

Thanks to all. I just installed the faceted navigation plugin on my test site. I'll look into @espenmn's suggestion if faceted nav does not work.

Two things I noticed after I installed the plugin (I don't know if it's a coincidence or not):

  • I had edited the default homepage with my own content, but now I see it a new entry in navigation with the title of the page. No idea how or why this happended.
  • When I go to the site's main page and click "Content" on the admin sidebar, I used to see all my files and folders. Now I see nothing other than the word "Site" (See screenshot).

Anyone know what happened?

You can control what shows up in the navigation.
Site setup > Navigation

I usually uncheck the box that says "Generate tabs for items other than folders." You can do a lot more by playing around with the settings there.

(nice logo... btw...)

this looks like a javascript error.

First step: disable and enable the theme

[quote="espenmn, post:7, topic:3701"]
First step: disable and enable the theme
[/quote]I tried this and also cleared the cache but the problem persists. I suppose there is not much I can do if I cannot access the Contents section.

I will tinker some more but will nuke the site and rebuild from scratch if I don't make any headway.

Try this:

Go to /manage_main then the Undo tab...

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@espenmn That looks like a regression in plone that folder_contents doesn't have progressive enhancement. I've raised a ticket for it.
Maybe its a good candidate for a GSOC?

[quote="tkimnguyen, post:10, topic:3701, full:true"]
Go to /manage_main then the Undo tab...
[/quote]Thanks for the suggestion. I selected all items in the Undo tab and now see that the navigation has been fixed. However, still nothing when I click on Contents.

I have rebuilt my site, but this time just for kicks I used a production install instead of the development option. Other than the obvious, I don't really know how they differ "under the hood" so to speak. I do recall an extra step in the production setup where I was asked to select the number of uhhh something or other. Clients? I can't remember exactly, so I just selected 1 for my 512MB Digitalocean droplet.

Anyway, the Ploning continues! :grin:

"production vs development", you mean "zeo" vs "standalone"?

Yeah, that's it.

I am trying to make the "Contact" link that's in the footer also appear as a link in the main navigation. I have added a Link to the main nav called Contact, and linked it to the contact form which I found resides at /contact-info. However, clicking the link doesn't take you to the actual contact form's page. Instead, it takes you to another "Contact" page that displays the link to the contact form.

Does that make sense?

See here for what I mean:

Please disregard this post. I noticed the "problem fixes itself" once I logged out.

Logged in view:

Logged out view:

Ploning onwards...

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I noticed when I click on "Contact" in the nav bar, the "Home" link is highlighted after the Contact page has loaded. This shouldn't happen, right?

The Inventory link (it's a folder) does not replicate this behavior.

You'll see that the Link behaves differently if you have edit permission on it. Always test your site with a browser in anonymous mode / not logged in, or use two browsers simultaneously (one logged in, one not).

No, that's normal. The contact-info form is not a real content item, and the portal tabs' "selected" behaviour doesn't work in such cases. On a default Plone site, clicking on the Contact link in the footer will pop up a lightbox so the portal tabs' selected behaviour is irrelevant...

[quote="tkimnguyen, post:19, topic:3701"]
Contact link in the footer will pop up a lightbox
[/quote]Yeah, I like the footer Contact pop-up, too. I thought the link would behave the same way (pop-up) when I added it to the main navigation.