Back-porting new features

hi there! I was testing the new release of on Plone 4.3 and I found an issue... but first, a little bit of background:

this PLIP was approved, merged and released to be used on Plone 5.1, AFAIK:

the idea is to make it easier to register resources using a single profile instead of 2 or 3 as before.

Plone 4.3 uses branch 1.2 and Plone 5 uses branch >=1.3

as mentioned above, I installed 1.5 in Plone 4.3 and seems to be working except for one thing: the configlet is not shown.

seems to me at some point in the development of branch 1.3 we lost compatibility, so now I want to back-port those features implemented by @datakurre in order to be able to use them in Plone 4.3 also.

any thoughts on this?

best regards

Backport should be possible, if not even easy.