Babble Chat as a chat solution for a Plone site

While looking for a chat solution to integrate to a Plone site, I came upon the Babble Chat add-on.

Does anynone use it? Any recommendation?

Also, is the Babble project still alive?

If you mean this it looks to be a few years old

I hadn't heard of it but @jcbrand might know more :wink:

Please consider the Babble project dead. It's not supported, inefficient and doesn't support modern JS techniques.

Instead I'd suggest you take a look at

There are integration packages for it, collective.xmpp.* but to be honest, I would recommend a different approach to the one used in collective.xmpp.core, which stores XMPP account credentials in the ZODB.

Instead, the XMPP server can be made to delegate authentication to the Plone site. I've already built such a solution (together with Matthew Wild from Prosody) for a client (who doesn't use Plone) and created a proof of concept for Plone.

You can contact me personally for more info:

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