Availability of UID() during Dexterity object construction

Usecase: I have a custom content-type constructed TTW.
User creates a new content instance, fills out the initial
form and clicks on save. Inside the datamanager of my XML field
I need to get hold of the objects UID() in order to generate
a unique and stable storage key. However the UID() method is
not available because the plone.dexterity.content.Container can not be
adopted to IUUID during this phase.

Q1: is there a way to make the final UID available "early" to the
transient object during the construction phase?


Q2: can I generate my own uuid, attach it to the transient object
in order to pick it up later from the normal content object (in the
sense arbitrary data stored in addition by code on the transient object
would be copied over the standard object instance)?


My question seems to be obsolete. Additional data attached to the transient object seem to be carried forward to the final content object instance....so problem solved with generated my own unique UUID instead of depending
on the content object's UID().