Automatically handling requests to join the collective?

Is there a reason why we wouldn't set up an automated way of letting people join the collective on github?

It'd be a mess to fix after the fact the of every package to not do rm -rf / upon install.

Having a human in the loop there makes sense.

Not sure I understand what you are getting at re

This question came up in local conversation with a new contributor: why other projects have automated processes for new contributors and we don’t. For the plone Github organization we do some checking first (for the contributor agreement), ok, that could be automated at some point maybe. But for the collective there isn’t anything we check before adding someone, so why not automate it?

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Unless there's any reason to manually add new members to the Collective, I still think this should be automated. I don't think it would be particularly hard to accomplish, either.

we don't want to deal with spammers there also.

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What checks are normally done to detect if an account belongs to a spammer? Also, what could a spammer accomplish by being added to the collective? Just creating various repositories?

Have we received spam requests to join the collective? I haven't noticed any, but then again I'm not usually looking for the notifications for those requests.

Since actually most requests are processed in hours, rarely days, I don't see any reason to automate here. Having a small barrier by filing an issue does not hurt. Just my 0.02€

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