Automatic or massive creation of members folders before first logins


Is it possible for member folders to be created automatically when creating their user accounts (before log in)? With event handlers? Other way?

Can the member folders of all currently existing users be massively created?

Thanks for your help and happy 2021!


I am not aware of any events trigger through a user registration.
Here are some hints about replacing the standard registration form with easyform:

Creating folders or whatever using plone.api should be straight forward then..

There are two Events for User Login . Defined in Products.Plone.PAS

  • IUserLoggedInEvent
  • IUserInitialLoginInEvent

I use the events to count the logins over a special time range of every user.

  • Get the the membership tool like mtool = plone.api.portal.get_tool("portal_membership").
  • Iterate over the userids you need a memberfolder for,
  • for each userid call. mtool.createMemberArea(userid)

see also

If you have a lots of users use (sub)transactions or split up the amount of users in one run.

And if you need it on creation of the user (like using the control panel) there is the IPrincipalCreatedEvent you can subscribe to.

But be aware, groups are also principals, so check what you get.

Slightly off topic, but want to mention that there is an add-on for 'on login':