Auto download new files added to folders?


I'm new to plone. I'm running a website and a content creator has added me to their plone system. I have a user name and password etc

Each week they upload X amount of files into different folders for me to download.

How can I schedule these new files to download automatically..


If your "content creator"'s Plone system is set up to support WebDAV, you can use this protocol to map Plone folders to something resembling normal (operating system) folders (when I remember right, Windows calls those folders "Web folders"). If the Plone system is set up to support FTP, you can use an FTP client.

If the Plone system only supports plain HTTP (i.e. neither WebDAV nor FTP),
you will need a form of HTTP automatisation - e.g. via the utility program "wget". Likely, a standard HTTP automatisation (like "wget") will not give you immediately what you want (it will likely download your files embedded in a Plone specific frame). Some form of specialization will likely be necessary.

In all cases, Plone has no direct access to your local environment and therefore cannot download content for you there. The get content from Plone to your local environment, you or an agent (script, program) in your local environment must initiated any physical transfer from Plone to your local environment.

Just to add to what Dieter wrote -
How does your "content creator" notify you that there are new files for you to download?

I'm asking because it's likely that they are already doing what I want to suggest. Which is: use Content Rules to automatically send you an email for every new file that was added. The email will contain a link to the new file. This is not exactly what you ask for, but at least you can use your emails as To-Dos: file them in a special folder, and archive each one when you've downloaded the file it links to, so you can keep track of what's still not downloaded.