"Author's home page in this site…" = user folder of the author: puzzling

Context: Plone 5.2/Python3 site

Actual behavior: when a member, connected to the site, clicks on the link of the author (say) John Doe, of (say) a Web page, he is taken to the page .../author/john--doe. Here, he can:

  • see the John Doe's biography (BTW, no layout, all the line breaks originally removed and replaced by spaces: too bad!),
  • contact John Doe through a Web form,
  • see the latest content created by John Doe.

So far so (almost) good.

The member can also click on the link "Author's home page in this site…" and be taken to the page .../Members/john--doe which turns to be the John Doe's "My Folder".

It could be surprising because:

  1. as a home page, the member may expect a page with details on John Doe: (maybe more detailed) biography, room, phone number, etc.
  2. to be taken to the personal folder of John Doe may give the impression to violate his personal privacy.

Question: Is it the intended behavior? If so, is the wording of "Author's home page in this site…" appropriate?