Author name and date of publication in plone 5 page

I want the author and date of publication and if possible a thumbnail pic of the author to be published along with a page. is it possible with plone 5 off the shelf. If yes, how can I activate that.



for the image, you will have to customise the viewlet, I assume


I want to edit the following. Where do i find this.

Initially you have to find that file, which you do by accessing your eggs folder, probably inside your buildout folder and doing "grep -R mailchimp.css *"

However you never modify files directly. Instead you create a customization copy which replaces the original. To do that you should use z3c.jbot and add the copy to your theme package, for instance. See:

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The name and date last modified comes in the summary view or even in mosaic layout as a byline. But it does not come in a page

You might have to enable the byline viewlet by adding to @@manage-viewlets to your site URL.

Bingo !!! An error from my end. perhaps had hid it, dont know when..For benefit of others, check plonebelowcontenttitle.documentbyline. it is hidden

It comes hidden by default since Plone > 5