AttributeError: email_from_address

Hi ,
I tried to send mail to the members of the group from the administrator . Am getting this error in python script

AttributeError: email_from_address

The script is as follows:

# the objects we need229
object = state_change.object
mship = context.portal_membership
mhost = context.MailHost
administratorEmailAddress = context.email_from_address
# the message format, %s will be filled in from data
message = """
From: %s
To: %s
Subject: New item submitted for approval - %s
URL: %s
for user in mship.listMembers():
    if "Reviewer" in mship.getMemberById(
            msg = message % (

Obviously your current context object has no attribute email_from_address.
So what is exactly context in your case? And why would this attribute be missing or where would it come from?

context refers to the tools in ZMI. The current instance

The code might be valid for Plone 4.x but it is no longer valid for Plone 5 since most configurations are nowadays stored within the configuration registry.

the problem is it doesent enter into my plone site ... is there any way to remove this error or retrive my page

No idea what you are asking....your code is as said incompatible with Plone 5 and must be fixed.

I am pretty sure something happened between Plone 5 'beta' and the current Plone version.
Maybe the 'mail-definition in the registry has moved' ( to plone.email_from_address).

I have a browser view that does something similar to what you try to do (I think):

PS: Pay no attention to the 'attach images part… I never got that to work)

Bare try..except....are you serious?

As said: I never got it ( Semi-private image folder / sending images in newsletter / email ) to work, so it was never used.

I did with the content rules ... Anyway thanks for the help guys