ATfolder remove problem

Hi there,

I've created an ATfolder and on the security I remove all the "check", now I cann't delete it via manage_main neither open it, can anyone help me to delete this folder on another way?

I guess you talk about the ZMI security tab here.
If you use this tab without knowing exactly what you do, things gonna be messy very quickly :slight_smile:

I do not know in which state is your folder right now, but if your change is quite recent, you might try to undo it (go to zmi root, then Undo tab, select your transaction and click undo).

In other words, never use the ZMI for security settings. Use the 'sharing' tab in Plone if you want to tweak permissions.

I don't have anythink on that folder, just want to remove it.

@ccbernardo See if you can undo the transaction in which you removed the security settings.
You can do this in the ZMI's Undo tab.