Ask the Board! Thursday October 9th, 20.00 UTC

Nominations for the Plone Foundation board 2014-2015 are open

So, of course you're just itching to nominate yourself... but still, you might have some questions before you do that. So:

  • If you are unsure if you want to nominate yourself
  • if you have questions on what to expect as a Board member
  • or if you just want to test out your skills in joining a remote meeting :wink:

you can have your questions answered by the outgoing Board members.

This Thursday, October 9th, at 20.00 UTC we'll hold a Google Hangout (on air), where we will try to answer all your questions.

How to prepare:

  • make sure you have the Googletalk plugin installed for your platform
  • make sure you have an IRC client as well
  • be online...

We will post the invitation URL at that time in the #plone-board channel on Freenode IRC. That's also where you will find us if Hangouts is being temperamental (it sometimes is...)