Are you a Plone service provider?

If you are a Plone service provider, the team needs your provider listing!

Get your name in lights at!

Here's how: go to and click the blue Donate Now button.

There are three tiers of listings: premium, sponsor, and basic.

Yes, it's true that all tiers require you to pay at least something. The basic tier requires you to pay just the equivalent of one hour of your consulting rate. We (the team, in consultation with the Board) set that rate to ensure fairness for all geographic and economic regions... So if you're based in the US and you charge $100 USD per hour, we ask that you pay $100 USD to get a basic provider listing on If you're located elsewhere, take your hourly consulting rate, convert into USD, and that's what we ask that you pay.

Why do we ask for (a small amount of) money? To do two things:

  1. Ensure that the providers listed on are still active. There are lots of provider listings on that are no longer actively maintained.
  2. Get some funds in to help remain updated and sustainable, to help defray design, content curation, and content writing/editing (e.g. success stories).


Go to and help us help you!

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I'm very pleased to report that as a result of the above post, we have already received three new provider listings! (they will be up on soon).

Keep them coming!

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We continue to receive new provider listings (which require only a very small sponsorship), but we need more! THIS MEANS YOU, EUROPEANS!

If your company name isn't listed at soon, you should know that this will soon be the only place you'll be listed. The listings on are going to be phased out in the new

The site is officially launched, and is in the process of becoming the centerpiece for all non-community Plone marketing. It is the calling card for our software and will be promoted to mid- and high-level decision makers around the world.

So don't miss this very easy promotional opportunity for yourself and your organization... ACT NOW! Operators are standing by!

We accept PayPal, wire transfers, cheques/checks, and Ammado. Go to

A quick update: we published the following provider listings today:

Thank you for sponsoring Plone!

Merci Éric Bréhault et Makina Corpus!

The providers listings are now available by country!

Get your company listed here - it's very inexpensive :slight_smile:

Thank you to Kombinat Media Gestalter GmbH, our latest provider!

Very pleased to thank the following Plone providers for their support:

  • Unified
  • Hatchd Digital
  • Quernus

If you're not listed, you'll miss out on the fun when Plone 5 is released and clients come looking for someone to help them upgrade!

And remember: it's ridiculously inexpensive to get listed! (premium and full sponsors get better listing placement, however)

We've added more providers to!

To see the full list, go to

To get listed (do it now while the fees are super low!), go to

Happy New Year and Plone 15th Anniversary !

Our recently added providers:

Get your name up there in lights - it's still very inexpensive :slight_smile:

Thank you to derico for becoming a Plone Foundation sponsor!

We have a new Italian provider listing - thank you, Tecnoteca!

We added a new provider, Studio Zoo; thank you @ronniestevens!

We are on a roll today, announcing several new (though longtime) Plone service providers!

Thank you @tmassman for listing it-spirit as a Plone provider!