Arachtypes: when the number of schematas is more than 6, the view breaks

Under Plone 4.3.9, in a archetypes context,
when there are 6 schematas, it works well,

however, after adding one more schematas the original view breaks and displays as a dropdown selection:

I wonder that it's a bug or just a limit on the number of schematas to display as a bar.
Thank you in advance!

that's the expected behavior.

This is by-design. The parameter 5 is hardcoded somewhere in an AT template.

I have recently noticed this behavior in EasyForm's edit view and got confused myself. I don't think it's necessary. It's not a dark pattern but rather a common case in all desktop operating systems. It's not ideal but as long as we don't deliver excessive items ootbs I believe it hurts more to be surprised by a different navigation widget, without any further explanation, than to have multiline tabs. Certainly feels as if some JS skipped loading.

Override max_tab Option for Plone Form Tabbing.

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Oh, that's it. Hardcoded in js is really beyond my expectation. Thx!

I opened an issue to remove this feature, and thus follow the principle of least surprise: Feel free to leave a comment it there if you agree/disagree/would do differently.

I only use this in my own js File:

	ploneFormTabbing.max_tabs = 10;

That's all to configure the Count of visible Tabs.