Anyone want to try and make a Plone Community Logo?

To make it clear that this is the Plone community site I think it would be nice for it to have its own logo. Anyone up for the challenge?

How would submissions be evaluated?

Is the logo only for this site?

I'd say only for this site, and I'd also say to not worry too much about evaluation. If we get many in, we can run an impromptu popularity poll here. But first, it would be great to have a nice submission. It should ideally be something that also looks good reduced to small resolutions, so it can be used icon-sized and still be recognizable.

So, designers, get your designer hat on!


I think you'd have a better chance of getting a designer onboard with
this if you created a design brief; albeit a very simple one

Here are some example questions I would normally ask:

  1. What are your reasons for commissioning a new logo?
  2. Describe the concept your new logo will provide?
  3. Describe the types of people you expect to view/use your new logo?
  4. What type of information does your new logo need to display?
  5. People are viewing your new logo. How would you like them to feel?
  6. Is there an existing logo, if so what works well/poorly?
  7. Outline any logo ideas you have?
  8. How do these ideas support your goals and the goals of your
  9. Do you own any existing logo assets (ex. slogans, fonts,
    style/brand/identity guidelines, imagery, relevant reports/documents
  10. Who are your competitors? Do any similar natured brands currently
    exist, if so please provide URLs?
  11. Does your logo project have any business objectives and what are
    your measures for success (e.g. use cases for digital and/or print)?
  12. How much are you looking to spend (bottom/top-line)? - I'm guessing
    this is free?
  13. When are your ideal project start and end dates?


hey im a good graphic designer f you give me a chance i can make it good