Ansible Playbook Issue

Hi Folks,
I am new to Ansible. I am trying to create user in 2 Remote Systems. But i am getting the error.
Can you please help me out...

My Playbook Code

You may want to add the --ask-become-pass option to your command line. This will cause ansible to prompt you for a password before running your playbook. The password needs to be the one your ansible_ssh_user would type on the remote systems when running a command with sudo. Obviously, the same ansible_ssh_user needs to have permission to run sudo on all remote systems.

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When speaking with remote machines, Ansible by default assumes you are using SSH keys. SSH keys are encouraged but password authentication can also be used where needed by supplying the option --ask-pass. If using sudo features and when sudo requires a password, also supply --ask-become-pass (previously --ask-sudo-pass which has been deprecated).

As the above quote suggests, there are better ways to do this.

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'sudo password is required' seems to be the fault.
-K, --ask-become-pass
ask for privilege escalation password

for options calling ansible-playbook

Take a run through for a tutorial.

Hi All,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. My problem was solved. It was privilege issue & i fixed it as per your advice.