Anonymous view forced to single column regardless of screen res

When I'm logged in, Mosaic two column grid is displayed.Not logged in, it collapses to a single column.

When experimenting with Responsive Design Mode in Firefox, I see that the "Menu" button for navigation shows up at about 768 pixels wide as expected:
@plone-screen-sm-min: 768px;

It was working OK, I edited some pages TTW (not the theme, just content) and now I don't have any columns, except when I'm logged in!
Any pointers on where to start looking would be greatly appreciated!

Is this Plone 5? It could be the edit bar on the left affecting the page width.

It was working fine for a while. Then something changed, and I have no idea what it was.
Unfortunately, of course, TTW tweaks are the likely culprit, and a clumsy workflow :wink:

You could try to look at an old version of you site and compare the CSS.

Maybe try:

(download the CSS and compare it)

Oh great idea Espen! 1++!
Many thanks!
I've used the waybackmachine before for recovering sites which were lost in machine failures...
I'll give that a whirl...

OK, finally some progress identifying the problem.
It appears that plone-mosaic.css is not loaded in anonymous view.
Where is this determined??
How might it have been disabled???

Many thanks!


Finally just forced the issue by adding the css file to the top level of the theme 'folder' and adding

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="plone-mosaic.css">

to the index.html in the theme.
I really don't like not knowing where the switches are for this stuff!



it may be possible to find this in the resources registry control panel. If you see it in the plone-legacy package you can force a 'rebuild' for this package by enabling development mode, clicking save (wait until the spinner disappears), then disabling again dev mode, save and wait.