Announcing collective.customlogin

I thought I'd let everyone know about a plugin we wrote 2 years ago but forgot to release until today

This is a simple plugin that lets you take over the unauthorised/login process for single content items or whole areas of the site. You can use this to do things like have a payment form to enter a private area, or, as we recently did, have a special login process for an extranet involving integration with a legacy system that gets a security token via async, all TTW (using plomino).
or you can just use it to have some more text on a normal login page.

Once installed it's simple to configure using content rules. Create a rule, tell it which page to redirect to and then apply it to the parts of the site you want.




Is it Plone 5 compatible? (if so, could you add the classifier to ?)

Hi Dylan, trying collective.customlogin on a vanilla 4.3.12 and got the following error.

Running collective.customlogin-1.0\ bdist_egg --dist-dir c:\users\michael\appdata\localtemp\easy_install-wgbr2h\collective.customlogin-1.0\egg-dist-tmp-hz1dvm
error: CONTRIBUTORS.txt: No such file or directory
An error occurred when trying to install collective.customlogin 1.0. Look above this message for any errors that were output by easy_install.
While: Installing instance. Getting distribution for 'collective.customlogin'.
Error: Couldn't install: collective.customlogin 1.0

Hope this helps, TIA .... looking forward to using it

That probably should be filed as an issue in the repo...

Sorry @IntranetGWT, I made a 1.0.1 release to fix that release issue