Alternatives to TinyMCE that have alt tag functionality for plone 4.1

Does anyone know of any alternatives to TinyMCE that have alt tag working correctly in plone 4.1?
Does Kupu work well? Any other WYSIWYG editors?
The problem with TinyMCE is fixed in later versions but we've had trouble upgrading.

Any help is appreciated.

Well since no one is answering this...
How about this question... is there anyway to upgrade the TinyMCE without upgrading plone in 4.1?

if you want answers you have to provide more information; you only say you're using Plone 4.1, you don't say which version, neither which version of TinyMCE you have installed.

Plone 4.1 uses branch 1.2 of Products.TinyMCE; latest version on that branch is 1.2.18 and I don't see anything talking about the alt attribute on CHANGES.txt, so I guess the answer is you're not going to solve your problem by upgrading that package on that branch.

Plone 4.1 is eons old and is unsupported; please consider upgrading at least to the latest release of Plone 4.3.

Lol... "consider upgrading" yeah... been on that ship for more than a year. Not happening.

Also, doesn't matter which 4.1, as long as it is 4.1, our version is 4.1.3 (with Products.TinyMCE-1.2.9-py2.6) but I can upgrade to 4.1.6 if needed.
There is no mystery that the alt attribute is broken in the TinyMCE and it later fixed in 4.3, but since we are having a hard time upgrading the plone, we are trying to either update the TinyMCE or just use another editor like ckeditor or kupu, but I do not know if those have trouble with alt or not.

then I have to tell you one rough truth: I'm sorry, but you're are on your own.

I know I'm on my own, that's why our organization of about 100,000 people is moving away from Plone. I just need to get this to work until the new CMS is done. Plone is a dead (--or soon to be dead) project, and obviously one reason is the amazing support.

indeed, it's always easier for an organization of about 100,000 people to change their CMS than to pay someone competent to give support and make a migration.

I'm sorry but TANSTAAFL! that's why things are the way they are.

good luck!

We actually consulted the competent people and they strongly suggested moving away from Plone. Far far away. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help though, I always seem to get a lot of help from you. Keep up the good work.

Would you grant us the parting gift of disclosing what to?

Your case always sounds like you try to understaffedly support something semi-custom for a large userbase based on an open source project and compare that experience to using a paid-for solution with accompanied paid-for support.


@pe82 sorry to hear about the predicament you’re in.

It would seem to me easier and less disruptive to upgrade your Plone installation than to migrate to another platform. I hope it’s for more reasons that the TinyMCE issue.

I’ve faced similar situations in which an organization depending on an open source project does not want to spend any money supporting it over years then decides that because there are problems with the old version it “needs” to move to something else.

There are many providers at who would love the opportunity to help you.

Can you track the problem on TinyMCE itself and find a patch? You can fix the problem directly on the product egg on the filesystem, no buildout required. Maybe you do some test on a test instance, obviously.

Shame on us, has disappeared from the web, maybe the commit could have helped you to solve the issue.

You're unable to upgrade, and then Plone is dead? LOL

I didn't make the decision to move to another platform, the many people above me did after consultation with advisors.
Although if it was up to me I would have burned the servers and encased them in ballistic concrete and thrown them somewhere in the pacific. But hey... this works too...

@Rotonen Don't know yet. I'm guessing something that has a bit larger userbase and better documentation.

@yurj no, it is not dead because I cannot upgrade it. It is dead because of the amount of bugs, the empty doc pages, the inconsistencies in the docs, the missing links, the backward incompatibility between versions, the half-baked features that break regression, the missing support, and low user base... to name a few.
Sure Plone may seem to be a perfect software for a small company with a few add-ons. But when it gets to enterprise grade CMS that is mission critical and has to work with many other enterprise grade systems it is hardly even "functional" and it feels like it was patched together with spit and duct tape that unravels as soon as it is pushed a little.

But hey... bash the guy for saying the emperor has no clothes! lol... ultimately not me nor the companies that abandon Plone are the losers. Anyways... I digress.

I fixed the issue by installing FCKEeditor... problem is fixed for now. Btw, I commend all of you for contributing to a project that you love, if I say something about the Project it is not personal and it should not be taken personally.

I found nothing but funny when people (specially with US cultural background) use the "loser" epithet as a way to describe the other; here, in the OSS world, we see the other not as somebody we need to defeat to prove we are strong (and, by definition, a "winner"), but as someone we can collaborate to make something (our software, our community) better… in iterations and for free, if possible.

you're making a bunch of non-sense claims that are completely baseless and show a lot of ignorance on what is Plone (and Zope), what does OSS means and what to expect when using a GNU GPL v2 license.

first of all, let me repeat this: the Plone community has absolutely no obligation on maintaining and supporting versions that have being out of active maintenance since mid 2012.

we are not responsible of your sites, neither of your lack of knowledge and/or competence on the topic. we have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that your organization of about 100,000 people is not willing to pay for support/maintenance/training for you on your platform to any of the companies/professionals working with Plone on a daily base.

that's your problem, not ours; period.

it's unfair to criticize support based on volunteers' spare time; try asking for free support on deprecated products to any of the multi-billion dollar software companies out there and wait for an answer. pay the right amount and you'll receive world class support on any OSS platform.

it's ridiculous to claim that Plone is not suitable for mission critical, enterprise grade, CMS applications; here, again, you're showing your supine ignorance on the topic you're trying to lecture us.

seems you think because you work on a big organization you can come here and insult people for free.

well, let me tell you something: I'm currently working for an organization of 2,000,000 people (the Brazilian Federal Government), and Plone has served us very well for many years; we have hundreds of Plone sites up and running, securely, highly available, and with very few resources invested.

having said that, I wish you good luck on your new endeavors; I'm sure your going to get what you pay for with your new supplier.

for me is going to be a pleasure not having to read your requests for support anymore: now I'm going to have more spare time for the things I love, like continue improving our solutions for the community or enjoying a sunny day afternoon with my friends and a glass of good local beer.

share and enjoy!


I was going to ask how much your organization has helped Plone, financially or otherwise, or how much your organization has benefited from the unpaid work of countless people (developers, testers, technical writers, security team, organizers), but Hector said it much better than I could now. Good luck, and good bye.

Yes. We use a combination of plone 4.1.6 with Products.TinyMCE==1.3.5 in production. It was a while ago but I believe we had fiddle with the versions a bit to get this combo working. I believe it does fix the alt tag for images. It uses the title of the image. It certainly fixes the ie11 compatibility issue.

You find one bug in a very old version and you come out with all that? The docs are a lot of work and continuing, but a lot of work still needs to go into making sure certain statements related to the correct version. Backwards incompatibility is very small compared to CMS that are under development like Plone is. Missing support? Others have covered this. But if I were an organisation of that size relying on a technology, I would certainly be paying some money to be supported by professionals.
Plone is not dead but it's also not a massive community and unsurprisingly the most volunteer effort goes into new versions. If you want help with old versions, pay for it.

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