Almost half of repositories are already meta-configured

i.e. they are configured with plone/meta :tada:

If I got it right, on a buildout.coredev checkout where one forces all packages to be git downloaded (i.e. auto-checkout = *) one gets 141 packages in src folder, out of those 59 have the signature .meta.toml file indicating that either they are configured via plone/meta or via zopefoundation/meta :nerd_face:

Not all of them have automatic tests running on new PRs, and a few also are missing the integration, but overall almost all of those 59 packages have both, ensuring that package testing as well as formatting/spelling/code smells are detected before being merged :four_leaf_clover:

But even better than the above, in quite a few of them, cleaning up the dependencies listed in allowed to remove circular imports, getting us one step closer at a time to a no circular dependency world :sparkles:

Wanna help?

The list of packages already converted can be also found in Plone's meta config/default/packages.txt file.

Not all packages can be blindly converted. Only the ones that their master branch is for Plone 6.x only can be converted.

How to know that? I'm glad you ask :laughing: mr.roboto, our friendly :robot: keeps tabs on that: Mr. Roboto

How one applies the configuration? The README on config folder explains it, but more or less boils down to:

  • checkout plone/meta: git clone
  • create a virtual environment with python 3.11
  • navigate to the config folder within meta repository
  • after plenty of output, say y to commit the changes

That's the first step, now head over the repository you have configured, there's a bit of work to do still :construction_worker_woman:t4:

  • do a git show --stat to see which files have changes, and if there is any deletion, review it, it might not be needed, or you might need to add it back
  • do a git stash and git stash drop to remove the automatic changes that has produced, we will re-do them in next step
  • run tox -e format and commit the changes on every step, i.e. one commit for pyupgrade, isort, black and zpretty (for this later one you might want to split it further into two commits ZCML/XML files and PT files, small/focused commits are easier to review)
    • notice that you need tox to be either globally available (via npx for example) or have it handily ready on virtual environment
  • once tox -e format is happy, do the same with tox -e lint, this time though, it only reports the changes, you need to apply them yourself, see plenty of PR examples
  • next you can run tests tox -e test and adjust code as necessary
  • finally clean up dependencies with tox -e dependencies

The last two parts can be tricky, you might push the branch and create a draft PR to ask for help/guidance, or ask here below :+1:t4:

zpretty does an amazing job, but as any software has bugs, fortunately his main developer (@alert ) irons them at light speed :zap: do report any findings at its issue tracker.

It is much better an almost finished PR than nothing :wink:

To enable GHA and integration ping one Plone GitHub organization administrator (me for example :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: or @mauritsvanrees and plenty others probably :sweat_smile: ).

Have fun! :smile: :crossed_fingers:t4: