All links broken

Suddenly today all the links are broken in our site. The content is there in Zope, but we can't access it.

The Zope service mysteriously went down and when it was restored, the links were broken.

We don't know where to start with this one. :frowning:

Any sample error messages from the console?

How are they broken? Are they linking to the wrong domain (could be a VHM problem), or are the resolveuids returning 404s (may need to update the uid_catalog)?

I've asked if any error messages are displaying elsewhere. I can only see what Plone displays.

Selecting a page causes you to be logged out. You can only log in on the login page, not the login modal.

What does the URL of the link look like, does it match your domain? Before you click on the link, hover over it and look at where it links to.

Does this happen on links in the main navigation, or only in body text?

When you hover over the links, you see the correct address with our domain. All links everywhere don't work. The drop-down menus display correctly. It's weird.

Sadly, it looks like this might be the last straw for Plone at my company. We don't have guys with the right kind of experience to support it.

Why not hire someone to help you? see

You're not giving us a lot of context. We can see it's Plone 5 from the base theme, but what have you got in your buildout.cfg and what has changed recently? Is everything else (nginx, network connectivity) ok?

Also see

The problem is we are a start-up and there aren't a lot of us or a lot of money. We have some very sharp developers with web experience, but none of them are familiar with Python. I thought it would be easy for our team to pick it up, but that's not proving to be the case.

Login on overlay does actually work, but reports error, because the underlying page returns 404.

Once you are logged in, try to rebuilding catalog through ZMI: append the site root URL with /manage, navigating to portal_catalog, advanced tab and clear and rebuild the catalog (also while navigating at ZMI you should see your remaining content there). Plone navigation is based on content indexed in catalog and rebuilding the catalog ensures that possible ghost values are removed.

It’s hard to guess what has been happening on your servers. Yet, it might be good to know that the default database of Plone (ZODB Filestorage) is append only database that only writes at the end of the file. That means that in then worst case of server crashing in the middle of write, Plone will truncate its database on startup to drop the corrupted part and “travel back in time” before the corruption. When that happens, it will show up in server logs and truncated part is saved next to remaining filestorage file.

One of our engineers has issued this report:

It seems that if the process is started from supervisorctl - plonectl status will return not running, even though the server is obviously up.

Did the stuff that they told Steven:

navigating to portal_catalog, advanced tab and clear and rebuild the catalog (also while navigating at ZMI you should see your remaining content there).

I managed to login on ZMI (docs.diasyst/manage). I see the article names there: pge, pm, etc ... but when I click them it again says "Not Found". I didn't rebuild the catalog - there was no such option - I can only delete the existing catalog files (3 files), and crate new, but I don't know what am I supposed to do when creating new

I created a backup of the whole zeocluster folder it's inside /home/zeocluster-backup

Downloaded Data.fs to my pc and was able to read it as text content - I can see the articles as html markup inside with some juberish in between - they can somewhat be recovered this way

Also did a couple of server restarts and rebuilds, switched to Data.fs.old but the content on the site remained the same

I will give it a last try by deleting the files in the catalog, and restore if it doesn't work

None of us can figure out what's going on in our Plone 5 installation.

For catalog clear and rebuild, append this to your main domain URL: /portal_catalog/manage_catalogAdvanced
There, click on the "Clear and Rebuild" button.

Normally when you set up Plone to run via supervisor you have it run in 'console' mode, ie. it will not appear to be running, even though it is, if you use plonectl.

To clear and rebuild the catalog, you go to the ZMI, portal_catalog, Advanced tab, and the Clear and Rebuild button is on that page.