Again: dealing with 3rd-party JS modules in Plone 5 is a major pain

I think I'm having a related issue but I need a break down of the steps to fix it.

Here's what I have:

  • Plone 5
  • My theme is copy of Barceloneta
  • Modified album_view (via portal_view_customizations)
  • 2 custom javascript files and 1 custom css—only for the customized album_view

Followed these instructions to add them to the Resource Registry. I then created a bundle with those two resources with "depends" on "plone."

I have tried various configurations without success, I keep getting this error:

  • The bundle is not referenced in my custom album_view (ex: not using javascript_head_slot).
  • When the bundle is enabled, the menus do not expand from the toolbar.
  • The view and the bundle (with both javascript files and css) load without other errors
  • I tested the custom view, javascript files, and css with a straight html page (no Plone involved, just from my desktop) and everything works as expected

I think the error means that jquery can't be found...? I tried adding it as a dependency and also to the bundle but neither worked. Been fiddling with this all day and have run out of ideas. Any help is appreciated!