Adding addons causes a crash

Hi, I've recently installed Plone 5 with Vagrant environment on a Windows 2012 machine. Whenever I add an egg to buildout.cfg like PloneFormGen for example:

eggs = 

and run:

bin/instance restart

The Plone site goes down and does not come back up until I comment out Products.PloneFormGen and run buildout again. This happens regardless of the addon. Is there any way to troubleshoot and fix this?

Double-check your version numbers!

You will most likely need to "pin" the version of Products.PloneFormGen.

PloneFormGen without a specific version number in the buildout will download the newest version, which is 1.8.0, which is meant to be used with Plone 5. If you are using that, that is fine, but if not, there is your problem.

It is a really good idea to pin all your add-on products to a specific version. has some more information.

And: when trouble-shooting: always run "bin/instance fg" first, to have your instance start up in "foreground" mode. That will usually tell you what the problem is, or at least gives others a fighting chance in helping you :smile:

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