Added dexterity fields seem to disappear

On a recent project I've noticed that if I add a new field to my dexterity based content type it sometimes disappears.
Think it may have related to load balanced ZEO clients I did a rolling restart. It still seemed to exhibit the same behaviour.

We're using TTW development more and more so this is important for my team. Adding a field and having it disappear is not confidence inspiring. Specifically adding two new fields "speaker_title" and "speaker_organization", the fields will "disappear" from the content type after a refresh.

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@pigeonflight Would you be able confirm if manually updating model source XML in portal_types through ZMI properly updates fields on all instances?

Editing the xml seems to work reliably, even then, it immediately displays the @@fields view which does not show the updated schema. The updated schema does show up after a refresh though.

@pigeonflight Thanks for confirming that. I did look at the code in the morning and it really looked like dexterity editor did not properly invalidate, but should be easy fix now... @rioksane has also lost quite a lot of time because of that, so I believe I get time to fix that soonish :slight_smile:


Hi. This issue still exists in Plone 5.2 using Python 3.x. Is this issue tracked somewhere?

We are creating new fields for certain document types here and suddenly they are gone. Is there a quick fix I can apply to some egg or something like this?