Add new content type not globally available

Docs say that if global_allow is set to true it should be available in all folders, however it is only shown on main page.

in file:

I have:
<property name="global_allow">True</property>

"Add new... new_type" shows only available on the main page and not any other folders.


Any help is appreciated.

Maybe you have restrictions on the "Folder" content type.
Go to '/@@dexterity-types/Folder' and check

It is set to All content types and I see it in there, but it only available under the main page, not any other folder.

When you add it to the main page (you probably mean 'site root'), you get an url in the browser

( something like /++add++mytype)

Do the following:

  1. Copy the url
  2. Add a folder, then copy the part you got in 1)
  3. This will give you an URL like: http::/mysite/myfolder/++add++mytype
  4. Press enter.

If you can add the content type now, 'the action' is not properly declared.
If you still can not add the content type: Maybe the user does not have the right, ... try as 'administrator' if you did not already....