Add FOLDER fields are missing (upgrade problem? Plone 5.1.4)

I just upgraded my Plone from 5.1.0 to 5.1.4. The weirdest thing has happened. Add content type Folder is now problematic. When I want to Add Folder to my current site, all I see is the word Add Folder without any fields. The other content types are working fine. Even when I remove my customized theme, the problem persists.

If I create a new Plone site, Add Folder behaves like it should. When I install my customized theme on it, it is working without any issues.

Is this a caching problem or something else? I have cleared all my caches -- browser cache and also the caches in Plone but to no avail. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Is it only happening with the Folder content type, or all? I've seen similar behavior when Products.CMFDefault is installed, and it shouldn't be in newer Plone sites.

Chrissy, yes, it is only happening to the Folder content type. Do you know how I can resolve the issue?

The other thing I found out is when I upgrade from 3.1 to 3.2 is when the fields in the Folder content type disappears. When I uninstall, the option to Add Folder disappears. So I think the culprit is that came with Plone 5.1.4

Hi Angela. When you say you upgraded, did you see a button for upgrading the site appear at localhost:8080 (or equivalent)?

Yes, I was in portal_quickinstaller and reinstalled because the version had changed from 3.1 to 3.2.1. When I did that, my site can no longer add a new folder. All the fields disappeared from the Folder content type.

OK, that's not how I would be upgrading from 5.1.2 to 5.1.4. What I'd do (the short version):

  • update version pins in buildout.cfg, versions.cfg, etc.
  • start up the zeoserver and client (or instance)
  • navigate to localhost:8080
  • log into the MI (localhost:8080/manage_main)
  • navigate back to localhost:8080
  • you should see yellow Upgrade buttons under each Plone site
  • click on them

You should not be using portal_quickinstaller anymore, and you shouldn't be reinstalling individual components of Plone.

Kim, that was what I did first until I was curious and when to quickinstaller and noticed a bunch of applications marked red with a an updated version. So I reinstalled them and everything worked without any issue until I came to If we don't need to use quickinstaller anymore, why is the ZMI not synced up with Plone?

We recommend you use the add-ons control panel in Plone instead of the quickinstaller. I'm not sure what you mean by "not synced up".

Does that mean that the site was upgraded and working correctly until you went into quickinstaller?

Only after I updated in portal_quickinstaller from 3.1 to 3.2.

I'm confused: are you saying that everything works correctly, now that you're using 3.2?

If you're having problems, I hope you haven't done all this on a production site. (I try upgrades on test installations first)

No, Kim. I can no longer add Folders after I upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2.

What I mean is not syncing is if I don't need to use the quickinstaller for upgrades then why I do I see indication (marked in red) that I have to reinstall individual applications in quickinstaller? If I can do everything in Plone and everything in Plone says that all my apps have been updated, then the quickinstaller listing should all have the latest update of all my apps as well (which means that nothing should be marked red). That was not the case.

Plone 5.1.4 uses p.a.event 3.2.0 so if you say you saw warning icons in the quickinstaller then you have not upgraded the site properly. After updating a Plone buildout installation, you will also need to upgrade your site (database). This is done via the Plone control panel or via the ZMI. You will see a warning to upgrade in both locations so you need to click either of the upgrade links. The upgrade UI will offer to test run the upgrade. If there are errors then you should fix the errors first. If everything is fine then proceed with the database upgrade.

Likely, what happened with your site is that the application of updates was done in the wrong order because you did it manually. To fix this issue, it is easier to do the upgrade again using a backup copy of your database.

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I couldn't find anything in that shows how I upgrade a simple (no extra add-ons) site. With screen shots. And a sound track. I feel twitchy fingers...

Ah, found it!, specifically

Visit your Management Interface (http://yoursite:8080). You will see a message prompting you to run Ploneā€™s migration script for each site in your instance:

This site configuration is outdated and needs to be upgraded.

Click Upgrade button next to the site and the upgrade will run.

Check Dry Run if you want to test the migration before you execute it.

Thanks Kim. I will know better next time to not visit portal_quickinstaller and ignore their messages to upgrade from there. It was on my staging site and so it was not a major disaster. Thanks so much for all your helps. So is it safe to say that that I need to try to do everything in Plone and not go into ZMI unless totally necessary? I know that when I mess with LDAP connections, it works better when I am in the ZMI than trying to do so in Plone.

Yeah, this is pretty much the case. Glad you were doing this on a test server!

Thanks for all your help Kim and Chrissy! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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