Add field to existing Fieldset in inherited Behavior?

We tried to inherit from IPublication behavior as a replacement for the default behavior and put a new field on the dates tab. Now if we put the fieldset in there two Dates tabs are showing up (IPublication is disabled).

How can we have only one tab?

Or is this a bug as my junior dev thinks?

This creates a different class, thus a different field (IFieldsetBugBehavior.dates and IPublication.dates).

I don't know why the IPublication.dates field is still in the fieldset. Are you really really sure the IPublication behaviour is disabled?

Yes. Its disabled.
If you dont believe it: Clone the git-repo local, buildout, create plone with dx types and add the behavior TTW to a portal-type of your choice and remove the default IPublication.
Then add the type and look at the tabs.

@jensens I believe, you are doing everything right and that's a bug. I created a pull request, which seems to fix your issue and does not seem break any tests (at least in plone.autoform).

yeah, cool! :smiley: thanks for that.