Add dexterity's fieldset who can be generated / duplicated during the publication

i'm new in Plone,
and i don't understand how i can add an "infinite groupfield"...
In Drupal, it's easy to add a new field or fieldset who can be generated in infinite during the publication of one content...
but i don't find this solution in Plone.

Let me explain you :
I have one dexterity content type,
in this, i have several fields, or fieldsets,
one of these fieldset (named : teamMembers) has 3 fields : Name / Statut / Picture.
In certain publications, i can have 5 members, and in other just once...
How can i edit this type of field / fieldset ?
How can i make one fieldset repeatable ?

Do you understand me ? i'm sorry, but my english is really limited :confused:

There are a couple different ways to do this.

  1. Use a relation field. This would allow you to select other content objects on the site.

  2. If you want it more low level, you can use a Dict field or you own compound field that would be a List of Object fields. for an example.

Thanks a lot, i look that right now !