Adaption of collective.ATClamAV to Plone 5?


I'm wondering, if already someone works on an adaption of the virus scanning add-on to Plone 5. There seemed to be two issues at the moment. The add-on in the collective github repository works only with the old AT content types. There is an old fork that solves this problem. I was able to merge this fork with the work in the collective repository. But the remaining issue seemed to be the controlpanel. The current add-on uses the import of form from from zope.formlib, which isn't available with default Plone 5 anymore.


I know nothing about this add-on but other add-ons like solved this same issue simply adding zope.formlib in the egg dependencies list.
This is not the best way to go (migration to z3c.form will be a better choice) but this can help for now.