Activating 1.1.6 breaks dexterity views (Plone 4.3)

As the title says, on a fresh 4.3.19 installation via unifiedinstaller after activating the plone.dexterity 2.0.19 the dexterity view @@content-core, added to any dexterity based content type, works as expected.

When additionally activating 1.1.6 and all its dependecies to bring every content type up to dexterity, the @@content-core views do not work any more.


Any help appreciated ! Thank you to the Plone Team for the great work.

Hello Torsten,

I assume you also ran the migration for all content types from Archetypes to dexterity, because otherwise your existing items are no longer editable.

I do have experience with Dexterity default contenttypes on Plone 4.3, but you should realise this setup in 2021 is a) EOL when Plone 6 is released, because support for Plone 4 will then stop. and b) Dexterity and and the in place migration from Archetypes to Dexterity has seen a lot of updates and fixes for Plone 5.x.

So Dexterity and 'works' for Plone 4, but you should treat it as a pre release or '1.0' of what's currently available and working in Plone 5.2.

It is still a bitt strange that on a standard Plone 4.3.19 site the combination with 1.1.6 doesn't work anymore. But has always been an 'add'on' for Plone 4 and is not part of the default tests that are run with CI . It is pinned in the distribution, but as part of 'ecosystem' in the versions.cfg:

The one thing that stands out for me in your backtrace is the issue with @@listing_macro. I'd investigate that first.

Thank you Fred for your insights.

Probably we will migrate to Plone 5.2 earlier than expected :slight_smile: I stumbled over the inconsistency when i tried to create an own default view for our file system based dexterity folderish content types, which i still could not find out how to do.

There are three *.pt files in the plone.dexterity.content directory, but i still do not understand how a default view is rendered. The "content-core" views play a key role, but i can not find out how to "trigger" such content-core views to get rendered as a default view for our own content types.

We just want some nice re-arrangement of the divs on the used templates to give every content type a more individual look and feel. A content type based greater icon in one corner of the default view etc.