Accessing and Displaying related (Relationship) in Volto Views

Is there a simple react to query and display related items to current Dexterity content type in Volto custom views.

Perhaps something similar to TAL: Content render method:

'<div tal:content="structure view/w/evil_mastermind/render" />'

Providing the classic plone implementation here for reference. Thanks!

I put together a gist that might help and I've highlighted the part of the code where the relatedItems are used:

I'm aware that the example uses the built in relatedItems and your question is about custom relations (e.g. a spouse relationship).
The essence is looking for what is returned by the rest api. In this case relatedItems is one of the fields returned.

Thank you @pigeonflight for the gist. Much appreciated.

Since custom dexterity type doesn't provide relatedItems by default. I think @tiberiuichim solution using custom siblings type might be the only solution.

It seems to provide a new GET endpoint that returns all objects that are in the same container as the current object. It uses a "trick" by depending on a special view called 'localtabs_view' to find all "siblings". I'm not sure that this is the same thing that you want.
It does provide a good pattern for how to create an endpoint in the backend. If your custom type has special relation fields you might need to create your own custom endpoint.

@pbauer thinks the restapi should provide a standard way to return relations here's the link to part of his talk where he discusses relations, the restapi and volto

If your content type is just using standard relatedItems it is possible to enable the relatedItems behavior under:
Site Setup > Content Types > "your content type" > Behaviors

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