Access for GSCO students to Collective

Stupid question but how can I grant access for my GSOC student to the Collective.
I am staff member but can not find any option to grant access.

Found this here:

Here is a request from my student to join the Collective. But was written, I can not find a way to add him to the Collective there some hidden magic/button?

Hi, I think @alert is the guy who is taking care of new joiners in the collective.

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I took care of that.
BTW @zopyx if you are interested I can grant you the permission to manage the collective organization.
Let me know :slight_smile:

Sure. But what is then the purpose of the "Staff" team of the Collective?

Shouldn't they be allowed to handle such issues?

For some reason you are only a member in that group.

I will try to fix the role

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