A Project Idea for GSoC

Hi, Please reply on what you think about the following Idea for GSoC.

Building reusable, configurable, self contained components with VueJs and plone.restapi.
A library of self contained components with Vue sounds like a good Idea.
I have'nt put much thought into it, but if I receive positive feedback, I am willing to take this up as my GSoC project.

Why Vue?
It was either React or Vue but I like Vue a lot more, Its more fun :slight_smile:

Thank You.

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sound interesting, can you tell us a bit more about your idea?
Also have a look at the vuejs project startet during the after conference sprints in barcelona.
The repo seem still empty, but there where some people working on it.

Please get in touch with Thomas Buchberger (@buchi), he was leading the team at the sprint.

Thank you for the reply,
I will certainly get in touch with Mr. Buchberger
I will provide a much more detailed description in my proposal, and DM the proposal, if thats not a problem with you.

@adithya Thanks for your interest in working on VueJS integration for Plone.

We have already started with an integration package, which basically provides traversal support for Plone. Traversal is needed because route matching (vue-router) doesn't work for Plone. You can find the package on Github: https://github.com/bierik/plone-vuejs

We are now developing a new VueJS-based frontend for one of our Plone-based applications. But we are not intending to build a default Plone-frontend. Thus there are plenty of possibilities for you to build components for Plone.

I look forward to hear about your proposal...

@MrTango @buchi
I have submitted the initial draft at the GSoC on google docs with comment perms.
Please go through it if possible.
Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.
Thank You.