A problem with theme updates

  1. On a new Plone 5.1 installation, I have copied a Barcelonetta theme into a new one using /theming-controlpanel.
  2. In "less" folder I have created "custom.less" file.
  3. I have put "h1.documentFirstHeading { color:green; }" and compiled it.
  4. Headings h1 were green in my Plone site, it is CORRECT.
  5. BUT when I change it again, for example to "h1.documentFirstHeading { color:red; }" and compile it, it does not change in my Plone site :frowning:

I have also tried Refresh and Clear Cache buttons, but with no effect.

Could you please help me what is wrong? Now I can change elements only once, it is like a CDR, just one write.

I have forgotten to write, I had added @import "custom.less"; into a last line of barceloneta.plone.less.

I think these are known issues since 5.1-pending, as of yet not solved in an official release:

cache busting is lacking since Plone 5.1
get it from an older setup; you can go to your buildout-cache directory under the Products/CMFPlone/static/components/less/dist directory
then grab the 5.0 version like this:

wget https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/blob/5.0.x/Products/CMFPlone/static/components/less/dist/less.js

same thing for the less.min.js (not sure if it's used)

Things should work better with this old version (not perfect, there are still some annoying quirks such as a strange popup after compilation, and also don't forget to save modified less files before compiling) but at least it works, without it trying to use this function is complete madness like you have seen for yourself.

Thank you very much!!!
Compiling "less/barceloneta.plone.less" really helps. It is annoying to compile it on every change, but it works :slight_smile: