A/B testing in Plone

Have any of you tried to incorporate A/B testing (or split testing) into Plone pages? As I was searching for information, I don't see any plone packages that address this issue, so the best solution I have found is to use an external JS tool like Optimizely with an existing Plone site. I've just played around with a few test pages so far, but before I go any further, I was wondering if anybody have any recommendations, suggestions, alternate solutions?


I've toyed with the idea of using Diazo to do this. It should make it fairly trivial to serve up different layouts based on a cookie or other parameter.

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It would be great if you could report back on what you ended up doing!

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+1 for an update.

I want to find a decent way to do this as well.

Most annoying part is dealing with caching. Also, it'd be better if there were some UI to manage it with GA tracking results.

Caching: The Vary header is there to support this. I just have no good idea how to manipulate this in Diazo.