9th Plone Launch Team meeting minutes 20150925

Meeting: Sept. 25, 2015, 11 am US Central (UTC-5)

Attending: Philip, Paul, Armin, Christina, Steve, Kim


  • will email framework team, developers list to let them know the Sept. 28 release date


  • update plone.org front page and linked-to features pages (or just point to plone.com/features?), include screen shots? use CMS Garden brochure text for the different audiences as a start
  • Note to self: also update the “Get Plone”/”Learn Plone”/”Get Involved” slider at the right bottom to include up to date info. It links to plone.net for providers and dev.plone.org for bugreports, for instance.


  • create news item for plone.org (revision/rework CMS Garden Brochure)
  • Share launch info & posters via social networks
  • get Plone 5 new features on plone.com (work with Kim)


  • must finish P5 posters (urgent)
  • get P5 posters info (in some form) onto plone.com (urgent) both PDFs and SVGs
  • get P5 slider onto plone.com (nice to have)


  • get news item onto CMSWire?
  • get Plone 5 visual on plone.com