5th Plone Launch Team meeting minutes 20150806

Meeting: Aug. 6, 2015, 11 am - 1 pm US Central (UTC-5)

Attending: Brian, Christina, Paul, Kim


  • Review of notes from last meeting
  • Action items
  • Status
    • We will refocus our efforts on backing up marketing effort by companies, and will continue the awareness campaign following the release of P5 (~end of September?)
    • see below for more
  • New items
    • Can we get an alternate day/time to meet? Eric and Sven can’t make the current day/time. Would a day earlier e.g. Wednesday 2 pm UTC-5 work instead?
  • Next meeting proposed in two weeks: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 2 pm UTC-5


Marketing/Communications (Christina):

Installers: (Sven, Steve)

Framework team (Eric):

Documentation (Sven):

  • https://github.com/plone/launch-team/issues/19
  • will need help / a sprint (extended weekend), possibly mostly Europeans; some funding may be required. Needs new screenshots and docs for all the new features.
  • Have a lot of automated robot screenshots
  • need documentation for how to use content rules
  • need documentation on how to create a new workflow [Kim to provide Paul with draft text]
  • daily snapshots of P5 documentation will be available
  • Need work on upgrade guides [contact Ramon, Timo, Eric Brehault]

Training (Philip):

Plone.com (Kim):

  • https://github.com/plone/launch-team/issues/18
  • Christina presented feedback from PSU Plone User Group on the plone.com/providers listing
    • competing interests of sponsors vs people consulting the listing
    • clarify which services are provide
    • faceted navigation
  • Other ideas?
    • non-Plone provider sponsorships could go back to plone.org
    • “expert Plone consultants/providers”

Paragon (Kim):

Demos to analysts, demo sites (?):

PloneFormGen for P5 (Steve):

Visuals design (Armin, Beth, Brian):

Accessibility (Paul)

  • Need to get a P5 site with demo content for Christian Johansen to test (maybe use the same coredev install as dev.brianledwell.com:8081/Plone
  • Sally pinged me, she’s writing a blog for edu organisations and consulted me.

Human-readable P5 release notes (Kim):

A distillation of P5 features:

  • enhanced security, stability (more tests)
  • WCAG 2.0 accessibility compliance
  • ease of use for content editors (toolbar, new folder contents view, drag & drop, lead image, site logo upload, TTW customizable member properties)
  • modernized OOTB (responsive, social, TinyMCE 4, technology update - faster)
  • theming (new look, toolbar, enhanced theming control panel)
  • enhanced multilingual capabilities
  • fantastic training materials and documentation for users, developers, administrators (themers?)
  • new VirtualBox image for evaluation, in addition to the demo sites at plone.com/try-plone