5.1 Documentation Release Process has started

What does it means ?

That means that we will not do a release of the 5.0 docs branch any more, the next release of our documentation will be for Plone 5.1.

What does that mean for docs contributors ?

Please do not create Pull Requests against the 5.0 branch of the docs, instead use the 5.1 branch.

Thanks !

Your friendly docs team


@svx ok, will do! I just wanted to ask, are the build instructions at https://github.com/plone/papyrus/blob/5.0/docs/install.rst still up to date? I was trying to build docs last weekend, but was encountering some errors in step 2. "make html" did nothing. I'll look into it this weekend and try again.

Papyrus is currently not up to date and not working, if you want to check your reSTand other stuff: https://docs.plone.org/about/helper_tools.html

We will fix Papyrus soon, but note that it will go away, we are currently preparing some other tools for local building and also for deploying, but they are not finished, yet.

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@svx Ok that's great, for now I'll check out the helper tools.

@svx Thanks for taking care of curating the docs!!

@svx I see that the default branch in github is still 5.0, should that be changed to 5.1 then?

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5.1 is default now

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