4th Plone Launch Team meeting minutes 20150723

Meeting: July 23, 2015, 11 am - 1 pm US Central (UTC-5)

Attending: Christina, Sven, Steve, Eric, Philip, Kim


  • Review of notes from last meeting
  • Action items
  • Status
  • Arnhem sprint: lots of changes on toolbar, accessibility fixes
  • 5.0b3 is out
  • Beautiful EuroPython poster by Irene Capatti:
  • New items
  • Next meeting proposed in two weeks: August 6, 2015 11 am - 1 pm UTC-5


Marketing/Communications (Christina):

Installers: (Sven, Steve)

Framework team (Eric):

  • Eric says: “beta 3 is done, will push it out today. Looking really good, very polished. Last feature (memberdata editing) is merged, so we can declare a feature freeze.”
  • Philip: what about linkintegrity?

Documentation (Sven):

Training (Philip):

Plone.com (Kim):

Paragon (Kim):

Demos to analysts, demo sites (?):

PloneFormGen for P5 (Steve):

Visuals design (Armin, Beth, Brian):

Human-readable P5 release notes (Kim):


##New Items##

Release-Party in Munich on Sept. 16 (as part of the Plone 5 Theming Sprint Munich http://www.coactivate.org/projects/plone-5-theming-sprint-munich). Working on a nice (static) Website for that. Others can have a copy if they want. Maybe have many distributed release parties?