3rd Plone 5 Launch Team meeting minutes July 9, 2015

The Launch Team is a meta team coordinating the Plone 5 version release as a full product.

Attending: Armin Stroß-Radschinski, Paul Roeland, Christina McNeill, Philip Bauer, Steve McMahon, Brian Ledwell, Beth Jolin, Kim Nguyen


  • Review of notes from last meeting
  • Action items
  • Status
  • New items
    • Plone 5 visuals team (Brian, Armin, Beth, others)

Next meeting proposed in two weeks: July 23, 2015 11 am - 1 pm UTC-5

Marketing/Communications (Christina):

  • Will become main focus of Comm/Mkt team: next meeting, tomorrow (Fri); will update team on ideas thus far
  • Need to get team members added to GitHub issue tracker

Installers: (Sven, Steve)

  • Sven has made much progress on Virtualbox eval
  • This will work on Windows

Framework team (Eric):

Documentation (Sven):

  • (Sven couldn’t attend).
  • Paul: will need a sprint to finish, will sprint in Arnhem but will need a bigger one in the summer somewhere.
  • Philip: P5 theming sprint in Munich later this summer.

Training (Philip):

  • No new information. Work is (slowly) continuing.

Plone.com (Kim):

  • Will need a P5 landing page / marketing team to take on.

Paragon (Kim):

  • created voting spreadsheet. Aiming to have detailed evaluations by early August.

Demos (?):

  • need new Plone.com demo link to new demo site (need an issue for this).
  • Philip: sprint in Munich to create a new version of demo.plone.de (P5).

PloneFormGen for P5 (Steve)

  • making good progress. Alpha release. 1.8.0a.
  • Philip: need a migration path to Dexterity-based PFG.

Plone 5 visuals. Armin, Beth, Brian.

  • Discussion around Irene’s EuroPython poster design for 2015. Food metaphor is nice. Is it globally recognized? Cooking competitions.
  • We do need something to begin a P5 awareness campaign soon, ie. in August. We are not rebranding Plone; just indicating Plone’s activity and the new version coming out.
  • Armin: we will develop tag lines matched with key visuals
  • Philip: we should focus this launch campaign on the new features of P5.
  • Steve: at least for a US audience we also want to re-introduce Plone.
  • Kim: visuals will appear in press releases, Plone.com landing page, Plone.org news items, documentation and guides.
  • Paul: visuals should be web focused, should work in small formats. Small, simple, printable on small things as side pictures, e.g. blog posts.
  • Steve: Calvin’s PyCon presentation has the 5 strengths of Plone: https://us.pycon.org/2015/schedule/presentation/429/

Next steps:

  • organize meeting for Armin, Beth, Brian, possibly Irene
  • design visuals for each category