2019 Plone Foundation Membership Renewal

Hello All!

It's time to renew your Plone membership in order to be in good standing to:

  1. Vote for the Plone Foundation Board of Directors
  2. Vote for the location of the next Plone Conference
  3. Approve the minutes of the annual meeting
  4. All other rights and privileges afforded members of the Plone Foundation.....

To renew:

  • Navigate to plone.org
  • Log In - this is really important. If you get this error: "'ChangeOwner' object has no attribute 'membership'", this means that you have not yet logged into plone.org with your GitHub account.
  • Go to https://plone.org/foundation/members
  • Find your name in the list and click on it
  • Change the state from pending renewal to renew

IF you cannot find your name on that list, you are probably in the Emeritus list. Please let me know if you would like to move from Emeritus to active and I can handle that for you.

IF you are no longer planning to be an active member of the Foundation set the state to retire

That's it. You can vote and do all the other good things Foundation members can do.

Please email me if you have any issues with renewal.


Carol Ganz
Plone Foundation Secretary

Email: carol@sixfeetup.com