2015-02-11 Team Leaders Meeting Notes

Here are my notes from today's team leader hangout:

Eric — getting back into the Plone swing after some personal delays

Paul - Not much progress on accessibility, but we’ve figured out a way to do some of the testing.

Paul - Board report: PLOG will be a strategic summit. Where do we want to be in five years? Key question. Request teams think in advance on what their main issues are and what they need feedback on. Probably not really technical issues. Not arguing about strengths of JS frameworks.
Also, who do we want to get there? The board would like to see reps from each team. We need names. People who can represent their team and discuss more general issues.
We’ll have moderators (Martin Aspeli will be there. More needed.) Board can try to raise the money to get them there.
Board has approved a budget - up to $7,500 - to match sponsorships.
Remote participation opportunities will be intentionally constrained in order to focus attention on conversation among those present. There will be some, it just won’t be all the time. We’re gathering input beforehand from those who can’t make it.

Kim - also board report: A survey of the foundation membership was conducted to get some feedback prior to the summit. Looking at sending out a slightly modified form to more general list.

Christina - Newsletters. Original list had been used for conferences; there were around 300 subs. Trimming dropped to around 150. Steadily growing with each edition. Well above industry average on open rate and click throughs. Trying to find ways to measure value to readers. Also working on translation.

Popular categories: Plone 5, How-tos. Number of how-tos has also dramatically increased.

Sven - documentation: mr.publisher has cut release time for docs dramatically. Plone version support is now real. There are docker and vagrant kits for picking up copies of doc set. Interesting: 50 people a day are still checking Plone 3.x docs.

Plone 5 docs are limited. Help is needed.

Developing ways to monitor and gather stats on change rate.

Eric suggested sitting folks down at PLOG to pair and write docs.

Paul noted that we’re at a point with Plone 5 where anything changing needs PLIPs and documentation.

Eric - separate issue. Are we ready to turn off the

Steve: Ansible kit is now real. There is docker documentation in the works thanks to Sven.

big thing is that zopeskel is dying and we really need to switch to mr.bob. Timo reported on some work on that. It would be good to discuss strategy for local commands vs examples.

Vincent: Translation. Some group work on this at PLOG would be very helpful in terms of getting Plone 5 advanced.
There are a few issues that could use some help from developers. Nothing hard, just work fixing common problems.
Timo noted that we need to get those issues onto the CMFPlone issue tracker on github.

Kim: Plone.Com: We still need stories, but the site is otherwise near deployment. Provider listings will change; some minimal fee to encourage keeping data up-to-date. A minimal yearly fee.
Paul noted that we need more global diversity.
Kim suggested that a soft launch might be a good way to kick people into motion.
Timeline for soft launch: before Sorrento.

Paul: Plone.Org: Looking great. Some work still needed.

Eric: Security Team: Matthew Wilkes is resigning from lead. Another is needed. Nathan is de facto current lead.

Timo: Testing: Move to plone.app.testing is in good shape. New jenkins infrastructure (ansible based) is in development. Infrastructure will be repeatable at that point.
There was a hangout on CI rules; there is now agreement, with a few new items needed to work to test pull requests automatically.

bobtemplates.plone is in much-improved condition. Now shows best practices and has testing framework built in.

We will be needing some new hardware for testing. Rackspace’s sponsored support is limited.

Paul: ploneconf site will probably be up within a couple of weeks.

Sven: Infrastucture: we’re generally hitting limits on infrastructure. Up against the rackspace limits. dev server with OSU is periodically locking up.

Paul: Matthew is leading our Google Summer of Code effort. We’ll need to detail projects and recruit mentors. Every team should think about it.


Thanks, Steve!